Getting There

getting there


 – marseille –

british airways

Marseille Marignane airport is an easy 1hr 15 mins drive from Bédoin. (Motorway and dual carriage way for all but 14kms). British Airways (Heathrow), Easyjet (Gatwick) and Ryanair (Stansted) have regular flights throughout the year.

 – montpellier –

british airways

Montpellier-Méditerranée airport is a 1hr 45 mins drive from Bédoin.

British Airways (Heathrow / Summer only) and Easyjet (Gatwick).

 – nimes –

Nîmes Alès Camargue Cévennes Airport is a 1hr 30 mins drive from Bédoin.

Ryanair (Stansted / Summer only).

Bédoin is 992kms from Calais so there’s no denying it’s a long drive. However, all but the last 46kms are on the autoroute and so, providing you’re not traveling at a peak time, it’s quite achievable in a day.

If you are looking to split your journey, Dijon is a good midway point. Calais / Dijon 5 1/2hrs – Dijon / Bédoin 4 1/2hrs.

For fans of the train there is a daily service from St Pancras International to Avignon via Eurostar / TGV. As the Parisien authorities have not yet agreed to bulldoze large sections of the 10th and 11th Arrondissement it’s still unfortunately necessary to change at the Gare du Nord and take the RER to the Gare du Lyon. Despite this minor inconvenience, it’s still a very relaxing way to travel.

Avignon TGV station is about an hour from Bédoin. For the really adventurous, there is a local train to Carpentras but as that’s still 16kms to Bédoin, the best thing to do is to hire a car in Avignon.

The Rue du Vieil Hôpital is to the right of the Office of Tourism between Favolsa Pizza and La Gousse D’Ail restaurant. At the top Nº15 is immediately in front of you (large green garage door).

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PARKING: There are several free car parks in Bédoin so parking is not a problem. However, in busy periods, having the garage is a major advantage. Please do not park in the courtyard,

Monday morning (52 weeks of the years) is Provençal market day. This means the car park nearest the house is closed and any vehicles left over-night are towed to Carpentras (16kms away). The owners are then responsible for recovering them with accompanying three figure Euro fine. ALSO, if you leave your car in the garage on a Sunday evening you will not be able to get it out until 2.00pm on Monday. 

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