Cycling from Bédoin

cycling in bedoin

cycling from Bédoin

The great paradox about cycling in and around Bedoin is that, whilst it is estimated that around 60,000 cyclists a year descend on the village, you hardly ever see them. That is to say, mindful of this statistic, you would be forgiven for thinking that the roads would be impassable for lycra-clad athletes clogging every by-way. This is just not the case. Fair enough, if you are on the D974, heading up Mt Ventoux on a weekend morning, you’re likely to be in good company, but deviate only slightly from this popular route and you’ll pretty much have the roads to yourself. And from there you can enjoy some of the best cycling in the world. Biased? Maybe, but I have a strong case.

It’s really quite hard to know where to begin because there’s something for everyone and there are great rides in all directions. The Office de Tourisme has a ton of imformation but here are a few headings:

Hiring Bikes

There are two excellent bike shops in Bédoin from which you can hire all types of bikes from road bikes in aluminium and carbon fibre, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes and, of course, eBikes. Both places have good workshops with experienced mechanics. If you are thinking of hiring a bike it is advisable to book well in advance, especially in the summer months.

It’s worth noting that both shops are generally closed from around November to April. Check their sites for opening times:



A word About eBikes

Ever since some bright spark had the idea of transferring to bike the new battery technology developed for cars, the world of cycling has been transformed. In 2023 more eBikes were sold in France than regular push bikes – thanks in no small part to the French government’s enlightened subsidy policy. Although I love my road bike I am a big supporter of eBikes for opening up this delightful form of transport to people who otherwise might only look on. If you thought your cycling days were over, think again and hire an eBike – a whole world of pretty much effortless fun opens up before you!

where to cycle

The short answer is pretty much anywhere and everywhere. In the arc north of Bédoin and you’re going to find hills, mostly manageable by anyone reasonably fit (or with an eBike!) and then some downright scary, but offering both an exciting challenge and always with spectacular views and stunning scenery. To the southern arc the landscape is much more gentle, the ride from Bédoin to the famous wine region of Châteauneuf de Pape for instance, is almost entirely on the flat.

It would be remiss of me, however, not to pick three which I believe are the region’s highlights. Firstly, of course, Le Ventoux which subdivides into three routes; from Bédoin, from Malaucène and from Sault. Then Les Gorges de la Nesque and finally into the hills of the Vaucluse